Monday, 26 August 2013

St. Zephyrinus

August 26th. marks the Feast of St. Zephyrinus in the Old Rite. Like many saints, he was dropped from the Novus Ordo Roman Calendar in 1969.

From 'Catholic Online'

St. Zephyrinus, Pope from 199-217. According to the Liber Pontificalis , he was a Roman by birth. His reign, as succcssor to St. Victor I (r. 189-199), was dominated by the troubles caused by several heretical groups and the severe persecution of the Church launched by Emperor Septimius Severus (r. 193-211) around 202. The antipope Hippolytus criticised his vacillation in dealing with the Monarchian heretics. According to tradition, Zephyrinus was martyred.

A happy feast to you all, and an especially happy pseudonymical feast to Zephyrinus of the Blogosphere.


  1. Zephyrinus of the Blogosphere (ZOB) is most grateful to Matthaeus for his fraternal greetings and best wishes on ZOB's pseudonymical Feast Day.

    Zephyrinus wishes Matthaeus, and all Readers of Sub Umbra Alarum Suarum, a Very Happy Feast Day.

    in Domino.


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