Wednesday, 28 August 2013

St. Ephrem the Syrian, pray for us

Fr. Tim has recently put up a very interesting post concerning the Syrian Saints, in particular St. Ephrem, which I found most interesting and informative. Although I was aware that Syria was a site of considerable activity in the early Church, I am not that familiar with the Syrian Fathers, so it is good to be given another, very appropriate, Saint to invoke when praying concerning the current, quite grim situation in Syria and the Middle East generally, and the possibility of British troops getting caught up in yet another conflict.

The quotations that Fr. Tim includes in his post show that St. Ephrem preached a lot of sense, and I would strongly recommend asking his prayers at this time. Please do go over to The Hermeneutic of Continuity and read the full post.

St. Ephrem, pray for us; pray for Syria; pray for peace. Amen.

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