Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Traditional Catholic Hymn - Just For Today

Lately I have been thinking about some of the beautiful Catholic hymns I learnt as  child.

This one came to mind as I was on the train coming home from work, and it was good to reflect on what an excellent piece of Catholic theology it represents. Here are all the important things we should focus on as Catholics, and the hymn perhaps reminds us to get our priorities in order. Many of the things mentioned are rather unfashionable, even within many quarters of the Church herself - mortification of the flesh, obedience, care about what we say and the language we use, the sacraments, death, Purgatory, not worrying too much about our earthly future. They are, however, things that matter, and upon which we should try to focus some thought and effort, as they are the things which will, God willing, lead us to the ultimate purpose for which we were made - to be happy with God forever in the life to come.

On a relate note it appears that Zephyrinus has also been thinking about traditional hymns, especially those associated with the Blessed Sacrament - I would recommend some of his recents post, such as this or this.

Bedford Square Abortion Clinic to Close

I see from Mulier Fortis and Maria Stops Abortion that the BPAS have finally decided to close the abortion clinic at Bedford Square.

Much of this must surely be down to the persistance in prayer and practical efforts of pro-life groups and events such as the Forty Days for Life.

It would seem that the BPAS is trying to play down the whole thing by pointing out that they will continue to provide contraception, vasectomies, etc. at Bedford Square, and that the abortions will supposedly move to another of their clinics outside central London. Moving from a prime central location, presumably because it was not profitable, must be signifiant, and hopefully having to travel further out may encourage women to think more carefully about abortion and make a better decision.

What is also certain is that whereever the clinic goes, the vigils and prayers will follow it.

This may be a small step against a monstrous culture of death, but if it results in even a few lives being saved, and a slightly higher profile for the pro-life cause, these must be good things.

Let us thank God for this news, continue to pray that life may be everywhere respected and preserved, and commend to His mercy all those souls who have been robbed of their chance of an earthly life.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hail Queen of Heaven - Marian Hymn

This lovely old  hymn to Our Lady always takes me back to my childhood: one of my earlest memories is of my mother singing it me as a lullaby (a great way to share the Faith with children from their earliest years). Evidently it was one of her favourite hymns as as a child. I wonder if anyone else had parents like this.
Sadly, this video does not include all the verses, but is still rather nice.
Mater Amabilis, ora pro nobis.


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