Monday, 17 June 2013

Hail Queen of Heaven - Marian Hymn

This lovely old  hymn to Our Lady always takes me back to my childhood: one of my earlest memories is of my mother singing it me as a lullaby (a great way to share the Faith with children from their earliest years). Evidently it was one of her favourite hymns as as a child. I wonder if anyone else had parents like this.
Sadly, this video does not include all the verses, but is still rather nice.
Mater Amabilis, ora pro nobis.



  1. My mother used to sing Who Would True Valour See (better known by Dearmer's more famous He Who Would Valiant Be in the 1906 English Hymnal) to me as a child, which I found quite funny with its reference to hobgoblins and foul fiends.


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