Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Traditional Catholic Hymn - Just For Today

Lately I have been thinking about some of the beautiful Catholic hymns I learnt as  child.

This one came to mind as I was on the train coming home from work, and it was good to reflect on what an excellent piece of Catholic theology it represents. Here are all the important things we should focus on as Catholics, and the hymn perhaps reminds us to get our priorities in order. Many of the things mentioned are rather unfashionable, even within many quarters of the Church herself - mortification of the flesh, obedience, care about what we say and the language we use, the sacraments, death, Purgatory, not worrying too much about our earthly future. They are, however, things that matter, and upon which we should try to focus some thought and effort, as they are the things which will, God willing, lead us to the ultimate purpose for which we were made - to be happy with God forever in the life to come.

On a relate note it appears that Zephyrinus has also been thinking about traditional hymns, especially those associated with the Blessed Sacrament - I would recommend some of his recents post, such as this or this.

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