Monday, 19 August 2013

Outgoing Chief Rabbi speaks in support of marriage

Lord Jonathan Sacks, the outgoing Chief Rabbi of Britain, has apparently criticised the UK Government for not doing enough to support marriage, particularly through the tax system. Here is a link to the story.

Notably, Lord Sacks spoke about the lack of support for mothers who stay at home to raise children, and pointed out that in purely practical terms, family breakdown is not in the national interest as it represents a large financial cost to the state. He does not appear to have discussed the social and moral implications of the demise of the family, which should, of course, be a much greater concern for the nation.

The tone of Lord Sacks' statement suggests it is implicit that he is talking here of traditional marriage and the importance of the parents' role, especially to a young family. Sadly, he has not explicitly commented on the government's redefinition of marriage and the family, the implications of which we are still yet to see.

I wish Lord Sacks a happy retirement and will remember him and all of our Elder Brethren of the Jewish faith in my prayers.

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