Monday, 4 August 2014

Liturgical Boutiques

My attention has recently been drawn to some discussion on The Rad Trad blog, concerning 'liturgical fetishes' and 'liturgical boutiques'. Please see this link for a direct route to the boutique.

For the benefit of those among us who are connoisseurs of liturgical apparel, rescuers of period vestments, and similar, here are a few links.

If you want to get ahead, get a biretta at Domus Birettarum (a small selection shown below - please note the rather fetching pink, tartan and camouflage versions on the right :-) ).

Those with a recent lottery win, or similar windfall (but not quite enough for the purchase of a Minor Basilica), might like to visit Luzar Vestments - or just to admire some of the stuff he has in stock.

A man who wasn't averse to wearing lace
Finally, the more avant garde  followers of fashion might like to look here - just think carefully before appearing in public. :-)
Another man who wasn't too bothered by lace, rose vestment, etc.



  1. Wonderful Post, Matthaeus. Many thanks.

    I'm very interested in the camouflaged Biretta. I did have one, previously, but I put it down in the garden and now I can't find it.

    I will be contacting the Biretta company and requesting 1,500 Birettas for use in the Aldershot and Catterick areas.

    in Domino

  2. Zephy,

    Thank you for your interest in the camouflage birettas: you may also wish to consider completing your ensemble with a co-ordinating chasuble - I am sure that other items such as tunicle, dalmatic, etc., could also be provided, or perhaps a camouflage mitre for the bishop who wants to keep a low profile? ;-)

  3. O my Giddy Aunt !!!

    There ACTUALLY IS a Camouflaged Chasuble !!!

    I can imagine RAF Chaplains, speaking into their microphone thingies: "Angels Twelve", etc.


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