Thursday, 7 August 2014

Biretta for the Beach?

With Fr. Tim soon to relocate to the sunny Kent Coast, I have come across these rather fetching 'sunshade birettas' - just the thing for wants to relax in a deckchair and feels a knotted hankie on the head to be a bit infra dig.

Source - The Phillipi Collection blog - well worth a visit

As you will see these are the prelatial versions, which I understand have been prepared for the Vatican Cricket Team's upcoming tour (cricket caps are so last year!) :-)

As far as I can see, however, the rumour that the Fishwrap has enquired about a version featuring the wording 'Kiss Me Quick' is entire conjecture.

NCR on kissing
Nod to Bruvver Eccles for this

Now, I'd better go and extricate my tongue from my cheek ...

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