Monday, 18 August 2014

Fr. Jean-Marie Charles-Roux, R.I.P.


Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of the remarkable Rosminian priest, Father Jean-Marie Charles-Roux, who died in Rome a little over a week ago (the news has only just reached me).

Fr. Charles-Roux was for many years resident at St. Etheldreda's, Ely Place, and was a well-known London character. I recall, in the late '80's and early '90's there were only two priests who would routinely walk about London in cassock and saturno - Fr. Charles-Roux and Monsignor Alfred Gilbey - upon spotting the hat, the next step was to look at the shoes to identify which it was - Fr. Charles-Roux always sported footwear with silver buckles.

I have attended Mass celebrated by Fr. Charles-Roux at Ely Place. This was something you needed to plan for: always in the Usus Antiquior,  Father's Low Mass could take considerably longer than most Pontifical or High Masses, as he would enter a sort of ecstasy while celebrating, saying, and seemingly physically feeling, each individual word. The elevation of the Sanctissimum could take anything up to ten minutes. I also recall him once hearing my confession.

Father was also known as a champion of monarchy and aristocracy, reflecting his own aristocratic French roots, and for his distinctive, flamboyant and often outspoken style of preaching.

Please have a look at Damian Thompson's obituary for Father, and also the one written by Fr. Lucie-Smith. These gentlemen knew Fr. Charles-Roux far better than I.

The Latin Mass Society have a Requiem Mass for Fr. Charles-Roux at Spanish Place on 9th. September at 7p.m.

Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine,
Et lux perpetua luceat ei:
Requiescat in pace. AMEN


  1. Most grateful, Matthaeus, for this Post on a very devout and lovely Priest.

    May he Rest In Peace.

    Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine,
    Et lux perpetua luceat ei:
    Requiescat in pace.


  2. Fr Charles-Roux was for many years patron of the Society of King Charles ye Martyr. Were it not for the oath that I took some years ago I might also go to Spanish Place in September.

    May he rest in peace.

  3. Patricius, I'm sure you would be welcome if you were to change your mind.


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