Sunday, 27 October 2013

Feast of Christ the King

In the Extraordinary Form, today is the Feast of Christ the King.

This feast was initiated by Pope Pius XI in 1925, in his Encyclical Quas Primas, as D.N. Jesu Christi Regis (Of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King), its date being set as the last Sunday in October.

During the post Vatican II liturgical reforms, the feast was re-titled D.N. Jesu Christi Universorum Regis (Of Jesus Christ King of the Universe) by Pope Paul VI in his moto proprio, Mysterii Paschalis of 1969, designated a Solemnity, and its date moved to the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, which in 2013 will be November 24, so there are a few weeks yet to wait for the celebration in the Ordinary Form.

Responsory Christus Vincit for the feast of Christ the King
Vernacular Hymn 'Crown Him with Many Crowns' - done rather well in Westinster Abbey

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