Friday, 1 March 2013

St David

Happy feast, especially to those of my readers who hale from Wales, and those who bear the name of this Saint.

Incidentally, I have just found out that St. David, as well as being a national Patron Saint, is also the Patron Saint of vegetarians, because he taught his followers to live an ascetic life, which includes abstinance from meat - perhaps appropriate that this year his feast falls on a Friday of Lent (it is only a Feast in Welsh dioceses, and a commemoration in the English dioceses Westminster and Portsmouth, so abstinance would apply for us in England).

He did also encourage abstinace from beer, so perhaps he doesn't have a great following in certain quarters of Blackfen and similar :-)

Joking apart, I will, of course commend to his care, anyone who is giving up a particular food, or alcoholic drink, as part of their Lenten observances.

St. David, pray for us.

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