Friday, 1 March 2013

Adopt A Cardinal

This is a offer you don't get every day - your very own Cardinal to pray for!
In anticipation of the forthcoming conclave, the website Adopt A Cardinal has been set up as an excellent way to ensure that all those voting to elect a new pope are remembered in the prayers of faithful Catholics. You type in your name and email address, and are rendomly allocated one of the Cardinal Electors, who will then become your prayer intention for the duration of the conclave. It is important that all those involved receive our spiritual support, as the task of finding a successor to Pope Benedict in what will likely be tough times for the Church is unlikely to be an easy one.
I got Cardinal Theodore-Adrien Sarr, Archbishop of Dakar, Senegal. I not not heard of him prior to this, but have looked him up, and now know that he is a mamber of the Pontifical Council for Culture and has also spoken out on pro-life issues, and supported Pope Benedict's stance against the use of condoms in Africa. He is spiritual leader for some 300,000 Catholics in Senegal, and is Pesident of the Bishops' Conference of Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.
Why not go over to the site and adopt your own Cardinal.
Thanks to Mac of Mulier Fortis for telling us about this.

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