Sunday, 10 July 2016

Lovely Thing

Yesterday I visited the hospital where I was recently treated, in order to properly thank the ward staff who looked after me, and leave a card and gift of some sweeties for them.

It was also an opportunity to look round the hospital properly, visit the chapel to say a prayer of thanksgiving for my ongoing recovery and so forth.

The hospital corridors are decorated with several displays of artwork, and among them, a small collection of poems written by staff and others associated with the hospital. I was quite taken by one in particular, which I think was a beautiful thing. I am reproducing it below, as the photo of it I took on my 'phone is not the clearest. As it was on public display, I trust the author will not mind me posting it here.

Unborn Child

What would you say to an unborn child?
Explain the world surrounding them
The deepest blue oceans wide
The purest white clouds up high
How night becomes a brand new day
When sunshine chases it away
How love must triumph over all
And hatred left behind to die
So we can live our lives in full
Without the fear of sin and lie
This unborn child will join the world
With peace in heart and love to give
With hatred shielded from their mind
Until they grow and start to live

Shirley Hanson,
Laboratory Manager, Pathology

Very nice to see these sentiments expressed in an NHS hospital, although I sadly suspect that not all unborn children who enter there do not get the chance to 'join the world' - please pray for all expectant mothers, especially those who are led or pressured to destroy the new lives they are carrying.

St Catherine of Sienna, patroness of expectant mothers, pray for us

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  1. Beautiful, Matthaeus.

    Thank You.

    Into the Beloved Hands of The Blessed Virgin Mary, we commend all Little Ones. Born and Unborn.


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