Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fr. Jaques Hamel

I have recently heard the news of the murder this morning of Fr. Jaques Hamel in St. Etienne du Rouvray in Normandy.

I see that other bloggers have already posted on the subject, notably Fr's. John Zuhlsdorf and Ray Blake .

Fr. Hamel was killed by two attackers, allegedly claiming affiliation to so-called 'Daesh' or 'ISIS' while he was in the act of saying morning Mass. A fuller account can be read here.

One obvious thought is the parallel with Blessed Oscar Romero, who was also murdered while celebrating Mass.

I would suggest that is genuine Martyrdom, given that Fr. Hamel was actively witnessing to the Faith by the very act of offering the Holy Sacrifice (or having the intention to do so imminently - I am not sure to what extent the Mass had progressed when the attack took place). Perhaps if there is a reader with a fuller understanding of the theology of martyrdom, they could confirm whether this is indeed the case.

I would echo the final comment of Fr. Blake's post:

Kyrie eleisonChriste eleisonKyrie eleison

and add an invocation for the prayers of Our Blessed Lady:

Regina pacis, ora pro nobis

and finally, for Fr. Hamel:

Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine,Et lux perpetual luceat ei:Requiescat in pace,Amen

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