Saturday, 1 August 2015

Multiple Feasts and Commemorations

Having posted on today as the Feast of the Seven Holy Machabees, I notice that Zephyrinus has today as the Feast of St. Peter ad vincula. A quick look at the LMS Ordo shows today as Our Lady's Saturday, with a commemoration of the Holy Machabees, and the Novus Ordo calendar has today as the Feast of St. Alphosus Liguori (which is kept tomorrow in the Usus Antiquior). This is a classic example of the effect of revisions to the Liturgical Calendar resulting in different Feasts being celebrated depending on which year's Missal and Breviary you are using. It would seem that Zephy has gone for the traditional, pre-1962 calendar, and I have gone for the '62, as this was the version of the Missal that I have had to had while blogging for the last few weeks (hence, Zephy has also included some Vigils and Octaves which I had missed).

To take advantage of the prayers and assistance of as many Saints as possible, therefore:

May Our Blessed Lady, St. Peter, the Seven Holy Machabees, St. Alphonsus and all the Saints pray for us.

Happy Feast, whichever one you are keeping.


  1. Thank You, Matthaeus, for your most interesting Post.

    You are quite right, of course. My Saint Andrew Daily Missal is 1945 and, therefore, well before a lot of the excising effected by Bugnini and Co.

    I also prefer my Breviary as the Pre-1911 Breviary, which avoids the massive changes effected by Pope Saint Pius X.

    However, I take the opportunity to wish you, and all your devoted Readers, a Happy Feast, a Happy Feast, a Happy Feast and a Happy Feast.

    1. Thank you for the additional information, and the good wishes.

  2. Replies
    1. Hang on, doesn't that have pagan undertones?

      ...or were they a rock band in the '80's? :-)


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