Saturday, 3 November 2012


Yesterday turned out to be a particularly enjoyable and spiritual day for me.

I began with brief trip to London in order to visit Westminster Cathedral and go to confession (as part of gaining the plenary indugence for the Holy Souls): for once I had some timeon my hands, and felt like making a small pilgrimage, so in itself this was very rewarding. There was quite a substantial queue for the confessional when I arrived (it's encouraging to see people making good use of this sacrament), and, in fact, I had to wait for about an hour, (unexpectedly) hearing Mass in its entirety, as well as having ample time to make a good examination of conscience. The Mass was in the Ordinary Form, celebrated with considerable reverence by young, African priest (a rather nice set of Roman vestments, in black, also made an appearance).

After leaving the Cathedral, I took a bus to Charing Cross, via Whitehall, which was very apt, the various war memorials acting as foci for some short, private prayers for paricular groups of Holy Souls.

Blackfen in the evening: a very beautiful Missa Cantata, with another unexpected  'plus' - the arrival of a visiting schola (I think, mainly from Spanish Place), who did a most excellent job, delivering the chant to perfection. I believe Mac has some pictures of the Mass on her blog.

Finally, a nice pint in the social club, accompanied by some excellent cheese and biscuits, courtesy of Leutgeb .

So, a very pleasant day - prayer, beautiful liturgy, good company, and, most importantly, the chance to hopefully help a few souls through Purgatory. What could be better?

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  1. The guests were very taken by the Mass and the altar searing.


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