Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Happy Feast for Wednesday.

    [From the St. Andrew's Daily Missal, 1945 Edition]

   " The feast of the Presentation of Mary is founded on a pius tradition, originated by two apocryphal gospels [Footnote: The apocryphal gospels contain certain passages deriving from primitive tradition which may complete what the Gospels relate] which relate that the Blessed Virgin was presented in the temple of Jerusalem whe she was three years old, and that she lived there with other girls and the holy women who had them in their care [The First Century B.C. equivalent of a residential, convent school? - my thoughts]. Already in the sixth century the event is commemorated in the East, and the Emperor Michael Comnenus alludes to it in a constitution of 1166."

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