Wednesday, 29 June 2016


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 Any readers of this blog that I still have may have been wondering where I have got to.

I have recently been through quite a significant period of illness, including some time in hospital, and am now convalescing at home.

I would like to extend my thanks and good wishes to the various friends and acquaintances with whom I have, directly or indirectly been in contact, and thank them for their support and prayers. I will, of course, also remember them in my prayers - that's the great thing about the Catholic Church: we're all in this together!

I would also like to thank the hospital chaplains who have supported me, prayed for me, and provided me with the Sacraments during my illness, and would ask readers to pray for them and the great work they do.

Finally, Thanks be to God that I am hopefully on the mend, and thanks to Our Lady and the Saints for their intercessions on my behalf.

Deo Gratias!


  1. Wonderful news, Matthaeus. Welcome home.

    The power of Prayer, indeed.

    Deo Gratias.

    When you are fully recovered, I will tell you how England got on against Iceland.

  2. Thanks Zephy ... and to hasten my full return to health, I can tell you about how England got on with Australia in the Rugby. ;-)


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