Friday, 1 May 2015

St Joseph the Workman


Ora pro nobis. 

Happy Feast!


  1. As Basil Fawlty said of Polly's sketch, "very modern, very socialist."

    1. You would say that of course, Patricius. Personally I find celebrating the fact that St. Joseph lived and supported Our Lord in His childhood by his manual labour very important. I always find working with wood and making things with your own hands very rewarding and satisfying, and recognise the quiet dignity of the craftsman. Also don't forget the Benedictine tenet 'Laborare est orare'.

    2. P.s. I hear that you now have a new job. Hope it is going well.

    3. Actually, I am on the verge of being sacked. But there we are. Apart from my nine year stint at Morrisons I am totally unsuited to earn a living!

    4. My apologies, Patricius, I did not realise that things were not going well. I will remember you in my prayers. Please try not to become too 'low' in mood, or be so negative in your opinion of what you can do. I know that you are intelligent, and that you write very well, and wonder if there is a career in waiting in this direction for you. Perhaps something for you to explore.
      Dominus tecum.


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