Sunday, 4 January 2015

Accents and Dialects

I see that Zephyrinus has put up an interesting post concerning regional accents, something which I, too, find fascinating.

Not to be outdone, here is my few pennyworth, not just accents but dialects as well. First, a piece from Wiltshire, concerning the possible(?) origins of the prehistoric barrow known as Silbury Hill, as well as an amusing account of getting 'one up' on the devil (always a good idea). The singer is one Fred Wedlock, whom those old enough to recall the '80's might remember had a one hit wonder with a song called 'The Oldest Swinger in Town'.

Then there's this in Geordie.
And finally, this Bristolian piece, by the late Adge Cutler, founder of the 'Scrumpy and Western' group  'The Wurzels' (the group enjoyed a brief period of fame in the late '70's / early '80's, with songs such as 'Combine Harvester' and 'I am the Cider Drinker', but sadly, without Adge, who died tragically in a road accident, just before they hit the big time).


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  1. Dear Matthaeus. As you know, I do try to accent the positive, but, dialectically speaking, you have trumped me.

    Excellent Post. Thank You.


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