Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fr. Tim goes to the seaside



I am conscious that I haven't got round to posting my congratulations to Father Tim on his appointment to become Parish Priest of St. Austin and St. Gregory's, Margate, even though it is with some sadness at losing this great priest from our own parish of Blackfen.

I am sure that Father will do great work in developing the spiritual life of the people of Margate. The parish church that he will inherit looks rather nice, as is evident from the photos Father has posted from his recent visit. I have copied one below to give an idea.



Surprisngly, no-one seems yet to have picked up on this song from back in the '80's': I'm sure there's some scope for writing a more apt set of lyrics pertaining to Father's new appointment, but feel this is probably a job for someone more skilled in such matters than I.

Best wishes, Father. Ad multos annos.

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