Sunday, 28 July 2013

Music for 10th. Sunday after Pentecost -Gradual 'Custodi Me'

Thanks to Leutgeb for alerting me last Sunday to this piece of chant from today's Mass (10th. Sunday after Pentecost , Usus Antiquior ; 15th. Sunday in Ordinary Time, Years A&C, Usus Recentior.). It is, of course, the same verse and response used at Compline, frm which my blog title is taken.
Custódi me, Dómine, ut pupíllam óculi: sub umbra alárum tuárum prótege me.
Vs. De vultu tuo judícium meum pródeat: óculi tui vídeant æquitátem.
Keep me, O Lord, as the apple of your eye; shield me under the shadow of your wings.
Vs. Let judgment in my favour come forth from your presence; may your eyes discern what is right.

There is a rather better version of the chant here, but I wasn't able to upload the video.

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