Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Oh, and...er... did something happen in France?

On a more serious note than the last, related, post, it is interesting to see that now the French have sneaked in their same-sex marriage bill when no-one was looking - I'm sure history will remember your gallant action, Mr. Hollande - it is interesting to see that the Manif Pour Tous protests are happily being played down by the BBC - see Mulier Fortis on this - and by the French police. See also Fr. Tim's post.

I leave it up to your judgement as to what looks like the most accurate estimate:

'Tens of thousands' (BBC) ?

'150,000' (French Police) ?

'1 Million' (Manif Pour Tous) ?


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  1. Did you watch the debates in the House of Commons on the issue? I thanked God I was always Conservative as only Sir Edward Howarth and Edward Leigh (among a handful of other Conservatives) and a few members of the DUP had the bottle to defend Marriage against the progressives, despite much abuse from the Labour and Liberal MPs.

    Thank God for the House of Lords! Thank God most of all for Her Majesty The Queen, who represents the last truly Christian institution of this Nation and Commonwealth! This whole issue really proves that Democracy is just the tyranny of evil men. I shall be watching the Lords debate to-morrow on BBC Parliament. They will do their utmost, I have no doubt, to stop this legislation, but they will fail. It is the nadir of our society, and in these apocalyptic days the inversion of good, and tradition and sense is to be expected.

    Let us remember, of course, that not all sins go unpunished in this life.


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